Annual Report

God really blessed the ministry of STEER INC. in the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023.
Here are just a few note worthy statistics.

$1,188,868 was sent to missions through the STEER program in the last fiscal year.
23 new ranchers and farmers became involved in the STEER program this past year.
Currently there are 744 farmers and ranchers involved in STEER from 33 states.
Over $33.7 million has been sent to missions through STEER Inc. since its beginning in 1957.
As of June 30, 2023 there were 1220 cows, 75 feeders, as well as crop projects, dairy cows, sheep, hogs and other projects all placed for missions through STEER Inc. for the advancement of the Gospel.

Please join us in giving thanks to God for His goodness and also be in prayer with us as we seek to continue to get more farmers and ranchers involved by taking on projects for missions through STEER Inc. Currently we have the funds to be invested with farmers and ranchers but we lack the rancher and farmer involvement to get all funds invested for the Great Commissions sake!

Cowboy Hat

These are exciting days for this ministry and for the spreading of the Gospel! We are enthused that God has chosen to use this ministry in a dynamic way to have an impact on reaching people for Jesus Christ. Please join us in prayer for this ministry in the days ahead. Thank you.

We are trusting God for another great year in reaching people for His kingdom in the upcoming days. Just think of the eternal impact this ministry has had and is having in reaching people for Christ.

Sincerely In Christ
Keith Kost, CEO