Board Members

STEER, Inc. is governed by a 15 member board with a collective broad background of experience in both farming/ranching and business. The board members strive to lead STEER in a way honorable to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Vince Bitz


Bismarck, ND

Wayne Brostrom


Bismarck, ND

Bruce Brunner


Newell, SD

Randy Hauck


Bismarck, ND

General Board of Directors

Back (L-R): Kevin Kirsch, Jason Naas,  Aaron Mahin, Wayne Brostrom, Paul Marrs, Arlyn Scherbenske, Tom Stieg

Front (L-R)  Bruce Schauer, Bruce Brunner, Vince Bitz, Donovan Nelson, Justin Deckert, Kurtis Countess

Kurtis Countess
Tappen, ND
Justin Deckert Arena, ND
Kevin Kirsch Belfield, ND
Aaron Mahin Tappen, ND
Paul Marrs Whitewood, SD
Dawn Meier Bismarck, ND
Jason Naas Bismarck, ND
Donovan Nelson Donnybrook, ND
Arlyn Scherbenske Steele, ND
Tom Stieg Hammond, MT
Rodney Zimmerman Bismarck, ND