Due to the generous nature of our Donor investors, we’re unable to receive any more UNIT’s at this time. Our primary need now is to find farmers and ranchers willing to partner with us to utilize the available funds.

For Donors

People from all walks of life donate to STEER—
families, church men’s groups, women’s fellowships, youth groups, even businesses.

When you donate to STEER, you tell us which mission agency you’d like the funds to go toward. We have a list of participating member mission agencies to choose from. While you choose the mission agency, the rancher/farmer will select the specific project the proceeds will fund. If you don’t pick out a mission agency, we will use the money to where it’s most needed.

Step 1: Donor gives to STEER


Step 2: STEER purchases a Unit


A Unit is similar to a mini-endowment. You donate to STEER. The money goes into an account that we use to purchase livestock or raise a crop. Our Units are protected and guaranteed by our insurance fund. We will issue you a tax deductible receipt and keep you updated on how your UNIT is used.

We partner with a farmer or rancher who cares for the livestock or raises a crop. We match the farmer/rancher who wants to support the same mission agency you selected. If after 90 days we can’t find a farmer/rancher, the money goes to where it’s most needed. But we’ll still attempt to designate the Unit you purchased for future placement.

Step 3: Farmer/rancher feeds and cares for livestock or farmland.


Step 4: Farmer/rancher sends funds from the sale to STEER.


We will notify you each time your Unit is placed with a farmer/rancher and each time there is a gain.

We have a long list of partner mission agencies. We give 90% of the profits to the agency. The remaining 10% covers insurance costs, depreciation, and administrative expenses.

Step 5: STEER sends profits to mission agency.


Step 6: Mission agency forwards money to the missionary.


Our hearts are to partner with mission agencies and missionaries who are reaching the unreached. As your investment keeps on giving, the missionary is able to continue serving. And when you go home to heaven, your investment become a memorial

Step 7: Missionary reaches people with the gospel.


Step 8: Heaven rejoices when people come to faith in Jesus Christ.


There is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents. That is our aim—to see missionaries bring the life-saving message to those who are without life.

Typical Scenario


You donate $1,000 to STEER.


We purchase a cow for a rancher.

Cowboy Hat

The rancher feeds and cares for the cow.


The rancher sells the cow and gives the money to STEER.


STEER gives the money to the mission organization you choose.


The mission organization gives the money to the missionary.


The missionary reaches people with the gospel.


Heaven rejoices as people come to faith in Christ.

Traditional Giving vs. Multiplied Giving

Traditional Giving

dollar sign

With traditional giving, you give once, say $1000, and that is what a missionary receives.

Multiplied Giving

dollar sign

With multiplied giving, your gift is an investment that continues to multiply and strengthen resources to spread the gospel.

Multiplied Giving - Return on Investment

Amount of time before receiving a full return on investment:

Dairy cow




cow and calf


Gifts That Keep on Giving

First donation to STEER is still growing today