For Missionaries

As a missionary, you can use the STEER program to help raise your support and keep you on the mission field.


Check out our list of mission agencies to see if yours participates. If it does, you’re good to go. If it doesn’t, please read about how a mission agency can apply to STEER.

You can also contact farmers and ranchers you know and see if they’d like to participate with STEER. Here are some ideas to get them interested:

  • Explain to them how the program works.
  • Point them to our website.
  • Download and mail or email one of our brochures:

Material Order Form
Creative Giving for Farmers & Ranchers
Multiplied Giving
God’s Acres
Raising Missionary Support
Agreement of Stewardship Form
Why Should A Farm/Ranch Family Get Involved
STEER Booklet

  • Refer them to us and we will contact them. (We keep all contacts confidential and make every reasonable effort to encourage their support of your ministry.)


Cowboy Hat

Farmers and ranchers can become an important part of your support team. Please treat them like one of your regular monthly supporters and keep them informed of your ministry.