About Us

Since 1957, one thing is certain—the ministry of STEER continues to have a significant impact on reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Our desire remains to keep our eyes and hearts fixed on God, continuing to serve Him through prayer and service for His glorious name and renown among the nations

  • 1957

    Born out of a revival experience, the Reverend Ed Folden, in Park River, North Dakota, founds STEER, Inc.
  • 1972

    After 15 years of faithful ministry, Rev. Folden steps down from STEER. Rev. LaRue Goetz becomes the new executive director.
  • 1999

    Rev. Goetz retires, allowing Mr. Keith Kost, who has served the organization since 1984, is chosen as interim executive director.
  • 2000

    Keith Kost is unanimously voted in by board of directors as executive director.