Support STEER

The Homeland Ministries Programs

The Homeland Ministries Program was set in place to help friends of STEER, Inc. find the best way to financially assist STEER, Inc. in fulfilling the great commission.


Faith Promise Giving for Individuals

Legal Agreement

Churches can share in an opportunity to monthly support STEER, Inc. through Faith Promise giving of their mission’s budget.  The amount is determined within the mission board and there are no contracts and obligations to continue beyond the time frame that the church board decides.  The churches can feel that this allows their mission budget to have a great impact for the Great Commission.

Designating UNIT Gains by Farmer/Ranchers

When Farmers and Ranchers take on agricultural projects for missions they may also choose to partner with STEER, Inc. through the Homeland Ministries Program.  Joining together with other STEER farmers and ranchers who believe in the STEER program and want to assist the future growth of STEER so that more and more lost may be reached through the mission ministry partners of STEER.

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Wills and Bequests


An individual may decide to leave a legacy for the Lord through His/Her estate planning.  It is a decision you can make now that will in the future help to send more money to missions.  Leaving instructions in your will concerning your wish to help reach the lost of the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ is also an effective way to leave a testimony for your family.

For more information on any of these methods of supporting the Homeland Ministries of STEER Inc. give us a call at 701-258-4911 or e-mail us at